Halloween Wreath…

I seen this Candy Corn Wreath on a magazine and just had to try it. So I got the candy let it dry for a week like the directions said. I ended up also sprayed the candy with Preserve It. Also like the magazine said. So I sat down one night and made it! It was actually pretty simple and came out looking great! I was so happy with the results…

Then one day I walked in the door and my foot stuck to the door seal. I then realized that with the weather changes the candy was melting into an orange goo all over my door seal. That ended up on the bottom of my shoe. So I might try this again next year since I pitched it this year and try to Mod Podge the whole thing to try to protect the candy from the freezing temps at night and the warm afternoon temperatures that Michigan encurs during this holiday.

I thought this was a cool idea though and will have to figure out something next year because I loved the look and got a lot of compliments by people that came to my door. Even though one man admitted he didnt want to walk into the fence since he was promoting some canidate until he seen the wreath and had to tell me how cool he thought it was.

Jaemen’s 3rd Birthday pictures to come!


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Halloween 2010….

Well we all know that Jaemen has about a million halloween’s… and well I think he knew this year. By the time we got to the REAL halloween Jaemen didn’t even want to get dressed up all he wanted to do is stay home with Mom and Dad and pass out candy. But lucky for him, he got yet TWO REAL halloween’s since Flint, Mich. wanted to be so cool and switch our day to Saturday but keep everyone else’s halloween on Sunday. So Saturday he passed out candy and Sunday he went out and got candy. I didn’t take any pictures on Sunday since I have so many from the other three times he got to go and I forgot the camcorder. I just video taped it! As you can see Jaemen was the Post man.. It was a change up from his UPS costume last year! hahaha.. ( I will let him pick what he wants next year) I love this shot of Jaemen and the way he is standing with his little bag!!!

Jaemen was soo good going up there by himself! He said trick or treat about two times and was over that when people would still give him the candy! He is SOO lazy sometimes!

And then there were the twins that definetly did NOT want to walk… so they rode and got their candy!

This is our little recap on Halloween!!


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Gosh, where do I start?

Gosh, I am not sure where to start! I have been so bad on updating this thing!! And that is horrible since I am so behind on my scrapbooking. I use this blog a lot in scrapping so I can remember things and when they happened. But I guess I am going to start with…


And even though it has been a long time coming.. (well not really he was just over 2.5 years old) And it caused a lot of stress trying to get here with him peeing all over my counter when we were baking cookies and every time we would take him off the potty he would pee that second. Once he did it, HE GOT IT! I knew if we could just get him to pee, he would figure it all out. I think he knew everytime we would just give up and he won. Well, the day I tried for the last time I was DETERMINED! I put him underwear when we got up on Sunday and sat him on the potty every 30 minutes for a couple of minutes. He sat and watch football with his daddy while sitting there but he still would NOT pee. Well about 8 pm that night right before Sherrow’s family came over he sat down and all of a sudden I heard it! He was PEEING!!! He was sooo excited for himself that he forgot and got up while peeing to hug me! We did the pee pee in the potty dance a lot and really sometimes he still wants to do the pee pee in the potty dance!

Ever since that day he has been potty trained. It took me about three more days to get him to do #2 but he only had two accidents with us. (daycare is a little different but they want him to do everything by himself) On top of THAT, he only wet the bed Twice since that day and he goes completely through the night or wakes me up if he has to go! EASY PEESY!!! Wiped my hands of that step in life and moved on! I really couldn’t believe that it was soo easy after being so hard!

Up next: Halloween 2010…


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Can you believe he is almost THREE?

Things he loves at Three:

1. Spongebob still but has moved on to some movies!

2. Puzzles – Of any kind and is really good at them.

3. Fruit Snacks

4. Water STILL…

5. Coloring

6. Reading and Books

7. Playing outside

Things he hates at Three…

1. Getting hair brushed

2. Being told NO!

3. The Dark!

4. “Too scary” things

I really can’t believe that my little boy is going to be 3 here at the end of the month. I know I say this at every birthday but where has time WENT!! He is a talking fool now and putting longer sentences together! He is so much fun these days but also even more challenging these days. He wants to do EVERYTHING himself. And it is hard to stop and wait for him to do everything and not just do it myself quickly! I love him to death and now I just have figure out when/where I am going to have his birthday party?

There are a lot more posts to come! Trust me!


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It is Beautiful Outside..

And with that said. It is the start of what? FOOTBALL SEASON. Jaemen has on his football jersey even though it is a Notre Dame one… but he will soon have a Michigan one and probably a New York Giants one (daddy’s favorite team). He has been carrying around his football for that last couple of days so even he can feel it. Most likely because his father has had nothing but Football on lately.

But what comes with fall weather is Halloween and Fall Decorations. And with Jaemen becoming older, he is starting to get into the holidays a little more. So I want to do a little more decorations this year then last year. Each year I really want to build so I dont have to do them each and every year! And halloween is definitely the holiday I am lacking at along with Valentines day! So I have been looking at website trying to put together a little list of things I want to try this year. Here’s what they include…

These two things I am for sure going to do!! As soon as I can find any small pumpkins I will get the glitter and paint those. I think those will go on my little entertain center under the tv. ( I don’t have many places to put things!! ) The only thing I am wondering is should I get the fake pumpkins so I don’t have to keep doing every year. Then I am sure I can get those petasals for cheap at Hobby Lobby.

Now for the wreath that is going to more of a little project. And then I have to figure out where it is going to go! I think over the little couch! But that one is going to be a little harder to figure out!

This one is neat BUT I am not that good at carving out the skin on pumpkins so we will see if we are able to get that many pumpkins this year!

Do you have any cute halloween projects planned? Let me see!

*Ok have to get back to the little boy that is sitting on the potty right now… argh I hate this potty training thing but we will conquer!


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My first sewing project!!

OMG!! I did it!! I love it!! haha… So it didnt turn out exactly how I thought! For some reason it bunched up, I am thinking I was stretching the fabric while I was sewing. If you know why let me know. I need to do some research or learn from my grandma or aunt though. But the pillowcase actually turned out. Now Jaemen has a pillow to take to daycare and lay on!!

Tonight or the next few days I am going to try my hand at a camera strap slip cover! I can’t wait to see if I can pull this off!


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New Project!!

I have a few projects that I have either started, waiting to start or need to be half finished. Well I finished one! WHOA!! I have been wanting a new recipe box since I have one my mom gave me that was her old one which I think she had when I was like two! It is brown, metal and disgusting!! Sorry mom! I couldn’t find anything that I liked so I made one, of course! Here is what I started with..

Then I painted the box…

Next I put the paper and all the other embellishments on it. I think it turned out real good! This is the first piece that I have altered and really didnt know what I was doing. So when it turned out alright I was pretty happy. So here is the final project…

What do you think?? Good job! And last night I found a great recipe to go into the new box… I made a homemade Chicken Pot Pie!! It was Delicious! Yes dad here you go ANOTHER food picture haha…

Next, on my list is SEWING!! I am going to sew a nice, easy pillow first. Then my wonderful girl Meagen sent me a link for sewing a camera strap. That should be interesting plus I really need to get going on my scrapbooking! I am way behind now!


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